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Read Book Time After Time Online author by Denise Little. Read or Download Time After Time format Mass Market Paperback in 320 and Published 1-11-2005 by DAW.

Time After Time
by: Denise Little in Mass Market Paperback, 320
Published 1-11-2005 by DAW

Time After Time Sixteen all-new tales of time travel and alternate history by top authors. From Arthur's choice that would make him a legendary ruler or a failed warlord, to a vampire seeking to change the past so that his kind could thrive in the present, to an archaeologist given a message from the future that might save humankind, these unforgettable tales explore the awesome implications of manipulating the past-and the future.

After Camlann • short story by Liz Holliday
The Ghost of the Garden Lounge • [Jukebox] • short story by Dean Wesley Smith
The Last Vampire • short story by Kristine Kathryn Rusch [as by Kristine Grayson]
God's PDA • short story by Daniel M. Hoyt
The Righteous Path • short story by Jay Lake
Chain • short story by Ray Vukcevich
Wait Until Next Year • novelette by Jody Lynn Nye
Present Perfect • short story by Loren L. Coleman [as by Loren Coleman]
Black Armbands • short story by Brenda Cooper
Godspeed • short story by Christina F. York
Reboot • novelette by Annie Reed
Me, Myself, and Ay • short story by Susan Sizemore
Super Lamb Banana • novelette by Sarah A. Hoyt
And Wisdom to Know the Difference • short story by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
To Lasso a Divine Wind • novelette by Mike Shepherd [as by Mike Moscoe]
Jesus H. Christ • short story by Laura Resnick

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