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Read Book Predators Online author by Ed Gorman. Read or Download Predators format Hardcover in 382 and Published 1-2-1993 by Penguin New American Library ROC.

by: Ed Gorman in Hardcover, 382
Published 1-2-1993 by Penguin New American Library ROC

Predators After the indisputable success of the first Stalkers volume, Gorman and Greenberg have teamed together once again to gather Predators--a remarkable anthology of nearly two dozen stories of horror and suspense, exploring what may be the darkest theme of horror fiction: the hunter and his prey. Features Dean R. Koontz, F. Paul Wilson, and others.

Hardshell Dean R. Koontz
The Calligraphy Lesson Joyce Harrington
The Rubber Smile John Shirley
The Defiance of the Ugly by the Merely Repulsive James Kisner
Mind Slash Matter Edward Wellen
Goddam Time J.N. Williamson and Scott Fogel
The Society of the Scar Edward D. Hoch
Life Near the Bone Billie Sue Mosiman
Slasher F. Paul Wilson
To Die For Ed Naha
Mistaken Identity T.L. Parkinson
Dead Things Don't Move Lawrence Watt-Evans
The Man Who Collected Knives John Gregory Betancourt
The Roadside Scalpel Thomas F. Monteleone
The Pharaoh's Crown Christopher Fahy
Slit Richard Laymon
Rubies and Pearls Rick Hautala
Old Blood Gary Brandner
Heroes Richard T. Chizmar
Valentine Daniel Ransom and Rex Miller
The Ecology of Reptiles John Coyne

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