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Read Book The Greek Myths: Vol. 2 Online author by Robert Graves. Read or Download The Greek Myths: Vol. 2 format Paperback in 412 and Published 27-11-1990 by Penguin Books.

The Greek Myths: Vol. 2
by: Robert Graves in Paperback, 412
Published 27-11-1990 by Penguin Books

The Greek Myths: Vol. 2 The Chapters are: VOLUME I: BEGINNINGS: The Pelasgian Creation Myth; The Homeric and Orphic Creation Myths; The Olympian Creation Myth; Two Philosophical Creation Myths; The Five Ages of Man; The Castration of Uranus; The Dethronement of Cronus; The Birth of Athene; Zeus and Metis; The Fates; The Birth of Aphrodite; Hera and Her Children; Zeus and Hera; Births of Hermes, Apollo, Artemis and Dionysus; The Birth of Eros. STORIES OF THE GODS: Poseidon's Nature and Deeds; Hermes's Nature and Deeds; Aphtodite's Nature and Deeds; Ares's Nature and Deeds; Hestia's Nature and Deeds; Apollo's Nature and Deeds; Artemis's Nature and Deeds; Hephaestus's Nature and Deeds; Demeter's Nature and Deeds; Athene's Nature and Deeds; Pan's Nature and Deeds; Dionysus's Nature and Deeds. SKY SEA AND UNDERWORLD: Orpheus; Ganymedes; Zagreus; The Gods of the Underworld; Tyche and Nemesis; The Children of the Sea; The Children of Echidne. REVOLTS AGAINST THE GODS: The Giants' Revolt; Typhon; The Aloeids; Deucalion's Flood; Atlas and Prometheus. HEROES GODS AND MORTALS: Eos; Orion; Helius; The Sons of Hellen; Ion; Alcyone and Ceryx; Tereus; Erechtheus and Eumolpus; Boreas; Alope; Asclepius; The Oracles; The Alphabet; The Dactyls; The Telchines; The Empusae; Io; Phoroneus; Europe and Cadmus; Cadmus and Harmonia; Belus and the Danaids; Lamia; Leda; Ixion; Endymion; Pygmalion and Galatea; Aeacus; Sisyphus; Salmoneus and Tyro; Alcestis; Athamas; The Mares of Glaucus; Melampus; Perseus; The Rival Twins; Bellerophon; Antiope; Niobe; Caenis and Caeneus; Erigone; The Calydonian Boar; Telamon and Peleus; Aristaeus; Midas; Cleobis and Biton; Narcissus; Phyllis and Carya; Arion. CRETE AND THESEUS: Minos and his Brothers; The Loves of Minos; The Children of Pasiphae; Scylla and Nisus; Daedalus and Talos; Catreus and Althaemenes; The Sons of Pandion; The Birth of Theseus; The Labours of Theseus; Theseus and Medea; Theseur in Crete; The Federalisation of Attica; Theseus and the Amazons; Phaedra and Hippolytus; Lapiths and Centaurs; Theseus in Tartarus; and The Death of Theseus. VOLUME II: THEBES: Oedipus; The Seven against Thebes; The Epigoni. ARGOS: Tantalus; Pelops and Oenomaus; The Children of Pelops; Atreus and Thyestes; Agamemnon and Clytaemnestra; The Vengeance of Orestes; The Trial of Orestes; The Pacification of the Erinnyes; Iphigeneia among the Taurians; The Reign of Orestes. HERACLES: The Birth of Heracles; The Youth of Heracles; The Daughters of Thespius; Eginus; The Madness of Heracles; The First Labour: The Nemean Lion; The Second Labour: The Lernaean Hydra; The Third Labour: The Ceryneian Hind; The Fourth Labour: The Erymanthian Boar; The Fifth Labour: The Stables of Augeias; The Sixth Labour: The Stymphalian Birds; The Seventh Labour: The Cretan Bull; The Eighth Labour: The Mares of Diomedes; The Ninth Labour: Hippolyte's Girdle; The Tenth Labour: The Cattle of Geryon; The Eleventh Labour: The Apples of the Hesperides; The Twelfth Labour: The Capture of Cerberus; The Murder of Iphitus; Omphale; Hesione; The Conquest of Elis; The Capture of Pylus; The Sons of Hippocoon; Auge; Deianeira; Heracles in Trachis; Iole; The Apotheosis of Heracles; The Children of Heracles; Linus. JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS: The Arognauts Assemble; The Lemnian Women and King Cyzicus; Hylas, Amycus and Phineus; From the Symplegades to Colchis; The Seizure of the Fleece; The Murder of Apsyrtus; The Argo Returns to Greece; The Death of Pelias; Medea at Ephyra; Medea in Exile. THE TROJAN WAR: The Foundation of Troy; Paris and Helen; The First Gathering at Aulis; The Second Gathering at Aulis; Nine Years of War; The Wrath of Achilles; The Death of Achilles; The Ma.

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