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Read Book Torpedo Volume 3 Online author by Chris Flynn. Read or Download Torpedo Volume 3 format in and Published -- by .

Torpedo Volume 3
by: Chris Flynn in ,
Published -- by

Torpedo Volume 3 Torpedo is a short story anthology from Melbourne, Australia that showcases the best of new writing from established authors around the world and some newbies you might not have heard of, but soon will.

Volume 3 features talking dogs, midget tourists, classroom holdups, Tupperware, a winter coat, sheep shearing, errant fathers, robots attacking funfairs and the Fonz.

Contributors: Ben Jahn, Kris Allison, Obelia Modjeska, Neil Boyack, Peter Orner, Garth Risk Hallberg, Natalie Johnson, Paul Mitchell, Karl Smith, Mark Halloran, Keya Mitra, Ryan Crawford.

Editor: Chris Flynn
Designer: Eirian Chapman
Cover: Jordan Clarke

Print version includes graphic fiction from Walter Newton, Dylan Horrocks, Paul O'Connell, Tim Molloy, Steph von Reiswitz and illustration throughout from Ken Garduno & Rhys McDonald. Order through

“The heart of contemporary Australian fiction is beating loud and strong. Stupendous.” Herald Sun

“Torpedo marks the dawn of a new age for local fiction publishing.” 3000

“A sleek, handsome volume of new work by great writers. A brave endeavour.” Vice UK

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