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Read Book Red, White and Blue Online author by Susan Isaacs. Read or Download Red, White and Blue format Paperback in 580 and Published 4-8-1999 by HarperTorch.

Red, White and Blue
by: Susan Isaacs in Paperback, 580
Published 4-8-1999 by HarperTorch

Red, White and Blue From Compromising Positions to Lily White, Susan Isaacs has written seven critically acclaimed novels, all unforgettable New York Times bestsellers that have enthralled and touched her numerous fans. Now, she delivers her most powerful story yet, the gripping saga of two ordinary strangers whose hearts and lives will be joined in a most extraordinary way. . . .

A straight shooter in every sense, FBI agent Charlie Blair has the numbing job of a bureaucrat and the soul of a cowboy. Dying a slow death from lack of purpose, he jumps at the chance to leave behind Dairy Queen vanilla cones and the History Channel to infiltrate a paramilitary group in Wyoming. Charlie's not the only one hot on the trail, however. Lauren Miller, a bright, ambitious New York journalist, has arrived in Jackson Hole and is bent on finding these extremists for a career-making scoop. On the surface, this whiter than whitebread mountain man and the independent, urbane East-coast writer seem worlds apart. But they share more than they can ever imagine--including a great-great-grandmother and a mutual desire for justice that will spark not only a powerful passion for the truth . . . but an irresistible passion for each other too.


Reading Red, White and Blue Online - red white royal blue will be available in bookstores may 14 you can order a copy on amazon now to get the audiobook for free use this link to sign up for a free trial of audible and choose red white royal blue as one of your two free books this book was provided to me by netgalley and the publisher all opinions are my own - - - - - red white blue what america asks red white blue by lea carpenter is a whole new genre of spy novel brilliantly crafted it is smart and the reader is smarter for having read it narrated in two voices it is more than an inside look at the cia it is a look at what working for the cia demands in personal sacrifice - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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