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Read Book Slow Water Online author by Annamarie Jagose. Read or Download Slow Water format Paperback in 2 and Published 1-1-2003 by Victoria University Press.

Slow Water
by: Annamarie Jagose in Paperback, 2
Published 1-1-2003 by Victoria University Press

Slow Water The year is 1836. English clergyman William Yates sets sail from London, bound for the mission fields of northern New Zealand. Caught up in a mesmerising love affair that will test the imagination of everyone on board, he is utterly transformed. Against the riveting backdrop of a four-month sea voyage and the vividly imagined society of the ship, the story of Yates unfolds, drawing together the inarticulate hopes of the cabin passengers, the immigrant families of steerage and the raw men and boys of the crew. On landfall at Sydney, camaraderie gives way to treachery and the tight world of the ship breaks apart. Everyone is implicated in the scandal that grips the colonial town, yet it is Yates alone who stands to lose not only his reputation but also his life. Based on a true story, Slow Water is a poised and elegant novel of the highest order with its commitment to historical accuracy exquisitely balanced by its modern attention to eroticism and narrative suspense. Winner of the Deutz Medal for Fiction, Montana Book Awards 2004.

Reading Slow Water Online - slow water is the story of the journey from england to australia and the ramifications of what the books blurb terms a mesmerising love affair slow water is unfortunately aptly titled for it begins and continues for the better part laboriously - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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