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Read Book Paradoxine Online author by Roberto Quaglia. Read or Download Paradoxine format Paperback in 334 and Published 1-9-2009 by Immanion Press/Magalithica Books.

by: Roberto Quaglia in Paperback, 334
Published 1-9-2009 by Immanion Press/Magalithica Books

Paradoxine Meet James Vagabond, tasked by the Very-Secret Service with a mission so secret that even they don't know what the mission is! James has saved the Earth before, but how can he do so again just by intuition? Can his friend Gordon Wells, the somnabulist writer, help?How can James escape from drowning and being eaten by predators due to the latest in total-involvement reality TV? When cyber-angels abduct James to Heaven, who is really sitting in the Celestial Throne? Is a talking snail a reliable guide? How does James come to owe several times the value of the Earth in taxes? Be amazed at how Japan takes up residence in central Europe. What is the real identity of Omar Khatib, also known as Mu'azib the Torturer, and why doesn't Omar Khatib himself know? And can the Universe really have entered a Beauty Contest? And who is the master criminal behind the plot?Just for instance. Immanion Press proudly presents Roberto's hilarious double-novel about the misadventures of James Vagabond and the mysteries of reality and the universe, with a unique introduction by Robert Sheckley.

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