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Read Book The Homeless Killer (Vigilante, #4) Online author by Claude Bouchard. Read or Download The Homeless Killer (Vigilante, #4) format in 223 and Published 11-7-2009 by Claude Bouchard.

The Homeless Killer (Vigilante, #4)
by: Claude Bouchard in , 223
Published 11-7-2009 by Claude Bouchard

The Homeless Killer (Vigilante, #4) The homeless of Montreal are dying at the hand of ‘Allan’, a serial killer set on ridding the city of street people…

… As the killer taunts the police about the increasing body count, Captain Dave McCall calls on the services Jonathan Addley and Chris Barry, both operatives with the government’s clandestine ‘Discreet Activities’ team…

All while fighting the city’s proposed by-law banning the homeless from downtown parks, philanthropist and activist, William Enright, joins the law-enforcement crusade to capture the assassin…

… But will the combined efforts of the law and old money be sufficient to stop the Homeless Killer?

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