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Read Book Dreams in Analysis (Chiron Clinical Series) Online author by Nathan Schwartz-Salant. Read or Download Dreams in Analysis (Chiron Clinical Series) format Paperback in 242 and Published 14-11-2013 by Chiron Publications.

Dreams in Analysis (Chiron Clinical Series)
by: Nathan Schwartz-Salant in Paperback, 242
Published 14-11-2013 by Chiron Publications

Dreams in Analysis (Chiron Clinical Series) A collection of works on the study of dreams by several Jungian analysts including Murray Stein, Thomas Kirsch, and Edward Whitmont.

Volume includes:

Edward C. Whitmont, On Dreams and Dreaming

Murray Stein, On Dreams and History in Analysis

Sylvia Brinton Perera, Dream Design: Some Operations Underlying Clinical Dream Appreciation

Thomas B. Kirsch, A Pedestrian Approach to Dreams

Elie G. Humbert, Dream Experience

Betty De Shong Meador, Forward into the Past: Re-emergence of the Archetypal Feminine

Lionel Corbett, The Archetypal Feminine: A Response to "Forward into the Past"

Helmut Barz, Dream and Psychodrama

J. W. T. Redfearn, Dreams of Nuclear Warfare: Does Avoiding the lntrapsychic Clash of Opposites Contribute to the Concrete Danger of World Destruction?


Murray Stein, Ph.D. is a supervising training analyst and former president of The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland (ISAP Zurich). His most recent books include Outside Inside and All Around, Minding the Self and The Principle of Individuation. From 2001 to 2004 he was president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. He lectures internationally on topics related to Analytical Psychology and its applications in the contemporary world. He is publisher emeritus of Chiron Publications and is the focus of many Asheville Jung Center online seminars.

Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Ph.D. is a Jungian analyst, trained in Zurich, Switzerland. He is the author of numerous books, including The Borderline Personality: Vision and Healing, Narcissism and Character Transformation, and The Black Nightgown: The Fusional Complex and the Unlived Life as well as the co-editor of the Chiron Clinical Series. He is the director of the Foundation for Research in Jungian Psychology.

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