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Read Book Lucan (Pendragon Legacy #1) Online author by Susan Kearney. Read or Download Lucan (Pendragon Legacy #1) format Paperback in 325 and Published 5-9-2009 by Forever.

Lucan (Pendragon Legacy #1)
by: Susan Kearney in Paperback, 325
Published 5-9-2009 by Forever

Lucan (Pendragon Legacy #1) THEIR LOVE IS FORBIDDEN

Healer and high priestess of her people, Lady Cael is fated to life without a mate. But a mysterious explorer named Lucan Rourke doesn't know her secrets, and his touch makes her crave a future that her extraordinary birthright has forbidden her. . .


Lucan has just one mission on Pendragon: to find the mythical Holy Grail, Earth's only hope for survival. His powerful attraction to Cael is a distraction he can't afford, unless he convinces her to join forces with him. Yet working so closely together only heightens their passion . . . even when the terrifying truth of Cael's heritage threatens to shatter Lucan's every belief-and the galaxy itself.

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