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Read Book Soulmates Dissipate (Soulmates Dissipate, #1) Online author by Mary B. Morrison. Read or Download Soulmates Dissipate (Soulmates Dissipate, #1) format Paperback in 320 and Published 1-4-2003 by Kensington.

Soulmates Dissipate (Soulmates Dissipate, #1)
by: Mary B. Morrison in Paperback, 320
Published 1-4-2003 by Kensington

Soulmates Dissipate (Soulmates Dissipate, #1) A soulful, sexy tale of true love tested, this bestselling debut novel began an exciting series that continues to explore life's most intense relationships. . .

Fashion photographer Jada Diamond Tanner may have her pick of fine men, but no one has captured her heart like gorgeous financial advisor Wellington Jones. From their first embrace, Jada knows he is the soulmate she has waited for.

But while the love she shares with Wellington is exhilarating, Jada faces challenges she never imagined--from a beautiful rival, hungry for love, and from Wellington's overbearing socialite mother, who believes Jada will never fit into her circle. Forced to make difficult choices, Jada learns painful lessons about trust and commitment. . .and discovers the courage to celebrate each day, with or without the man she loves.

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