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Read Book Middle Eastern Mythology Online author by Samuel Henry Hooke. Read or Download Middle Eastern Mythology format Paperback in 224 and Published 17-7-2013 by Dover Publications.

Middle Eastern Mythology
by: Samuel Henry Hooke in Paperback, 224
Published 17-7-2013 by Dover Publications

Middle Eastern Mythology The role of mythology in ritual and its place in the origins of customs, cults, and hero worship are the fascinating subjects of this comparative survey. Based on firsthand sources, it recounts legends of the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Hittites, and Canaanites, in addition to discussing the mythological elements of Jewish apocalyptic literature and the New Testament.
S. H. Hooke, a distinguished scholar who taught at the University of London and served as Speaker's Lecturer at Oxford University, presents a well-documented commentary. Accessible and informative, his text highlights the similarities between a variety of Middle Eastern legends and offers revealing citations from documents, tablets, and inscriptions recovered by archaeological excavations. Familiar stories such as the events described in Genesis and those surrounding Noah's flood and Christ's nativity and resurrection — whatever their basis in fact — have parallels in other cultures. Professor Hooke provides a broad perspective on these and other tales, encompassing the roots of Greek, Roman, and even Celtic mythology.

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