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Read Book Fire Bringer Online author by David Clement-Davies. Read or Download Fire Bringer format Mass Market Paperback in 498 and Published --2002 by Firebird, Penguin Putnam, Inc.

Fire Bringer
by: David Clement-Davies in Mass Market Paperback, 498
Published --2002 by Firebird, Penguin Putnam, Inc

Fire Bringer Young buck Rannoch was born on the night his father was murdered and into a herd of deer where hunger for power has gradually whittled away at all that is true and good. He knows he must escape to survive. Chased by stags, with their fearsome antlers sharpened for the kill, he begins a treacherous journey into the unknown, and ahead of him lies a shocking and formidable search for truth and goodwill in the shadow of the Great Mountain.

One day he will have to return to his home and face his destiny among the deer to fulfill the prophecy that has persistently given them hope: that one day a fawn will be born with the mark of an oak leaf on his forehead and that fawn's courage will lead all the deer to freedom. Filled with passion and a darkness that gradually, through Rannoch's courage in the face of adversity, lifts to reveal an overwhelming feeling of light, Fire Bringer is a tremendous, spirited story that takes the reader deep into the hearts and minds of its characters as they fight for their right to live in peace.

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