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Read Book Again, Dangerous Visions Online author by Harlan Ellison. Read or Download Again, Dangerous Visions format Hardcover in 760 and Published --1972 by Doubleday.

Again, Dangerous Visions
by: Harlan Ellison in Hardcover, 760
Published --1972 by Doubleday

Again, Dangerous Visions Again, Dangerous Visions, first published in 1972, is the sequel to the sf short story anthology Dangerous Visions. It was edited by Harlan Ellison, illustrated by Ed Emshwiller. Like its predecessor, Again, Dangerous Visions and the 46 stories within it received many awards. The Word for World Is Forest, by Ursula K. Le Guin, won a Hugo for Best Novella. When It Changed by Joanna Russ won a Nebula Award for Best Short Story. For a 2nd time, Ellison received a special Hugo for editing the anthology. Again, Dangerous Visions was to be followed by a 3rd anthology, The Last Dangerous Visions. At this point, Ellison has said that it will probably never see the light of day.

Introduction: An Assault of New Dreamers by Harlan Ellison
The Counterpoint of View by John Heidenry
Ching Witch! by Ross Rocklynne
The Word for World Is Forest by Ursula K. Le Guin
For Value Received by Andrew J. Offutt
Mathoms from the Time Closet: 1/Robot's Story, 2/Against the Lafayette Escadrille, 3/Loco Parentis by Gene Wolfe
Time Travel for Pedestrians by Ray Nelson
Christ, Old Student in a New School (poem) by Ray Bradbury
King of the Hill by Chad Oliver
The 10:00 Report Is Brought to You by... by Edward Bryant
The Funeral by Kate Wilhelm
Harry the Hare by James B. Hemesath
When It Changed by Joanna Russ
The Big Space Fuck by Kurt Vonnegut
Bounty by T.L. Sherred
Still-Life by K.M. O'Donnell (Barry N. Malzberg)
Stoned Counsel by H.H. Hollis
Monitored Dreams & Strategic Cremations: 1/The Bisquit Position, 2/The Girl with Rapid Eye Movements by Bernard Wolfe
With a Finger in My I by David Gerrold
In the Barn by Piers Anthony
Soundless Evening by Lee Hoffman
[█] by Gahan Wilson
The Test-Tube Creature, Afterward by Joan Bernott
And the Sea Like Mirrors by Gregory Benford
Bed Sheets Are White by Evelyn Lief
Tissue: At the Fitting Shop & 53rd American Dream by James Sallis
Elouise and the Doctors of the Planet Pergamon by Josephine Saxton
Chuck Berry, Won't You Please Come Home by Ken McCullough
Epiphany for Aliens by David Kerr
Eye of the Beholder by Burt K. Filer
Moth Race by Richard Hill
In re Glover by Leonard Tushnet
Zero Gee by Ben Bova
A Mouse in the Walls of the Global Village by Dean R. Koontz
Getting Along by James Blish & Judith Ann Lawrence
Totenbüch by Parra y Figuéredo
Things Lost by Thomas M. Disch
With the Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama by Richard A. Lupoff
Lamia Mutable by M. John Harrison
Last Train to Kankakee by Robin Scott
Empire of the Sun by Andrew Weiner
Ozymandias by Terry Carr
The Milk of Paradise by James Tiptree, Jr.

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