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Read Book Masks Online author by Fumiko Enchi. Read or Download Masks format Paperback in 141 and Published 12-9-1983 by Vintage.

by: Fumiko Enchi in Paperback, 141
Published 12-9-1983 by Vintage

Masks Masks takes its name from the Noh masks of Japanese dramas, and much is made of spirit possession. This is a curiously elegant and scandalous tale of sexual deception and revenge. Ibuki loves widow Yasuko who is young, charming and sparkling with intelligence as well as beauty. His friend, Mikame, desires her too but that is not the difficulty. What troubles Ibuki is the curious bond that has grown between Yasuko and her mother-in-law, Mieko, a handsome, cultivated yet jealous woman in her fifties, who is manipulating the relationship between Yasuko and the two men who love her.

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