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Mergers & Acquisitions
by: Dana Vachon in ,
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Mergers & Acquisitions Mergers & Acquisitions is a very simple business. Investment banks give advice to billion-dollar companies buying other billion-dollar companies, and they take around one half of one percent of the value of these multibillion-dollar deals as a fee. One half of one percent on a twenty-billion-dollar merger is one hundred million dollars, made in a period of a few months without ever risking a cent.

Tommy Quinn is a recent Georgetown grad who has just landed the job of his dreams as an investment banker at J. S. Spenser, and the perfect girl, Frances Sloan, the daughter of one of New York’s oldest moneyed families. As he travels from the most exclusive ball rooms of the Racquet and Tennis Club to the stuffiest boardrooms of J. S. Spenser, from the golf links of Piping Rock to the bedrooms of Park Avenue, and from the debauched yacht of a Mexican billionaire to the Ritalin-strewn prep-school dorm room of his younger brother, he finds that the job and the girl are not what they once seemed.

Set against the backdrop of money, lust, power, corruption, cynicism, energy, and excitement that is Wall Street, Dana Vachon’s debut is suffused with an authenticity that only an author who lives in the world it portrays can provide. With Mergers & Acquisitions, he delivers a stylish and hilarious tale of the lives and loves of well-to-do young Manhattanites in their first year on Wall Street.

Sharp, fast-paced, and bitingly witty, Mergers & Acquisitions is a compulsively readable story of New York’s young, ambitious, and wealthy that is destined to become one of the year’s most buzzed-about debuts.

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