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Read Books Degree of Guilt (Christopher Paget, #2) Online

Read Book Degree of Guilt (Christopher Paget, #2) Online author by Richard North Patterson. Read or Download Degree of Guilt (Christopher Paget, #2) format Paperback in 534 and Published 4-12-1993 by Ballantine Books.

Degree of Guilt (Christopher Paget, #2)
by: Richard North Patterson in Paperback, 534
Published 4-12-1993 by Ballantine Books

Degree of Guilt (Christopher Paget, #2) TV journalist Mary Carelli admits that she shot and killed Mark Ransom, one of the world’s most famous authors. She claims it was self-defense. She swears he tried to rape her. Now she has to prove it in a court of law—with her former lover acting as her attorney…

Christopher Paget is one of the top lawyers in the country. But defending the mother of his son in the trial of the decade, he begins to have doubts. Is Mary telling the truth? Did she invent her story about the rape? What is she hiding? With each shocking revelation, Paget is forced to question his defense, his ethics, and the whole legal system. Because no one, not even the judge, is completely innocent. And guilt is a matter of degree…

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