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Read Book Oedipus the King Online author by Sophocles. Read or Download Oedipus the King format Paperback in 128 and Published 20-2-2008 by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

Oedipus the King
by: Sophocles in Paperback, 128
Published 20-2-2008 by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama

Oedipus the King Since it was first performed in Athens in the 420s BC, Oedipus the King has been widely regarded as Sophocles' greatest tragedy and one of the foundation stones of western drama. Taken as a model by Aristotle in his Poetics, it became a yardstick for future generations. Since the play's rediscovery in the Renaissance, audiences - including Sigmund Freud - have found new interpretations and meanings in Sophocles' portrayal of the Theban king, inexorably pursuing the truth, only to discover that he has killed his father and married his mother.

This translation by Don Taylor, accurate yet poetic, was made for a BBC TV production of the Theban Plays in 1986, which he also directed. Commentary and notes by Angie Varakis.

Reading Oedipus the King Online - - - basics of the myth variations on the legend of oedipus are mentioned in fragments by several ancient greek poets including homer hesiod pindar aeschylus and euripideshowever the most popular version of the legend comes from the set of theban plays by sophocles oedipus rex oedipus at colonus and antigone oedipus was the son of laius and jocasta king and queen of thebes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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