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Read Book Wives and Daughters Online author by Elizabeth Gaskell. Read or Download Wives and Daughters format Paperback in 679 and Published 30-5-1996 by Penguin Books.

Wives and Daughters
by: Elizabeth Gaskell in Paperback, 679
Published 30-5-1996 by Penguin Books

Wives and Daughters Set in English society before the 1832 Reform Bill, Wives and Daughters centres on the story of youthful Molly Gibson, brought up from childhood by her father. When he remarries, a new step-sister enters Molly's quiet life – loveable, but worldly and troubling, Cynthia. The narrative traces the development of the two girls into womanhood within the gossiping and watchful society of Hollingford.

Wives and Daughters is far more than a nostalgic evocation of village life; it offers an ironic critique of mid-Victorian society. 'No nineteenth-century novel contains a more devastating rejection than this of the Victorian male assumption of moral authority', writes Pam Morris in her introduction to this new edition, in which she explores the novel's main themes – the role of women, Darwinism and the concept of Englishness – and its literary and social context.

Reading Wives and Daughters Online - wives and daughters an every day story is a novel by elizabeth gaskell first published in the cornhill magazine as a serial from august 1864 to january 1866 it was partly written whilst gaskell was staying with the salon hostess mary elizabeth mohl at her home on the rue de bac in paris when mrs gaskell died suddenly in 1865 it was not quite complete and the last section was written by - elizabeth gaskells last novel was serialized in cornhill magazine from 1864 to 1866 and completed by her editor posthumously it looks at english life in the 1830s through the experiences of molly gibson the daughter of a widowed doctor growing up in the provincial town of hollingford - - a very enjoyable story wives and daughters reminds me a great deal of the bbc production of pride and prejudice a personal favorite - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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