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Read Book The Missing Mistletoe Online author by Debbie De Louise. Read or Download The Missing Mistletoe format ebook in 41 and Published 7-1-2018 by Solstice Publishing.

The Missing Mistletoe
by: Debbie De Louise in ebook, 41
Published 7-1-2018 by Solstice Publishing

The Missing Mistletoe Time travel via Victorian mistletoe.

After her divorce, Anna moves to San Francisco where her sister Emily and her brother-in-law Tom live. Emily, a real estate agent, locates a beautiful Victorian home for Anna. The house’s history dates back to before the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. Emily has decorated Anna’s new house with festive decorations she’s purchased and others she found in a box in the attic. The only item she couldn’t find was a mistletoe. When Anna nearly trips on one of the steps to the second floor, she finds a mistletoe hidden in a recess underneath the stair. Hanging it up as her sister holds the ladder, she becomes dizzy and falls. When she awakes, Anna finds herself in 1906 San Francisco the day before the earthquake is scheduled to hit. The occupants of the house cannily resemble her relatives and her ex-husband and his girlfriend. Can she find a way to return to her own time before the earthquake strikes, or should she warn these strangely familiar people of the imminent danger?

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