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Dangerous Curves Ahead
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What do you do when the man of your dreams pulls up to your front door, and becomes your number one client?

DeVante is everything I've ever fantasized about. Tall, athletic, sexy, and Dominican, he's a recipe for wet dreams. It also doesn't help that he's extremely charming, gracious, and protective.

As the agency's top client, he's entirely off limits. One kiss has the power to sabotage my career and throw us into scandal. But then he looks me in the eyes, tells me how badly he wants me, and all I can see is the pleasure that awaits me on the other side.


Being Atlanta's top bachelor has had its perks. Fame, fortune, and beautiful women at my disposal. Underneath it all, I never needed to play anything more than football. I'm so used to being handed everything, but money can't buy what I really want.


She's sweet, smart, shy, and incredibly sultry. Her self-confidence and humility seduce me, especially because she has no idea how seductive she really is. That woman is so beautiful and magnetic, she's dangerous, and I can't help but fall, even though it's the last thing I vowed to do.

I can have any woman in Atlanta, but her. And that makes her even more alluring.

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