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Read Book The Janson Directive (Paul Janson, #1) Online author by Robert Ludlum. Read or Download The Janson Directive (Paul Janson, #1) format Paperback in 693 and Published 19-10-2003 by St. Martin's Paperbacks.

The Janson Directive (Paul Janson, #1)
by: Robert Ludlum in Paperback, 693
Published 19-10-2003 by St. Martin's Paperbacks

The Janson Directive (Paul Janson, #1) Nobel laureate, international financier, and philanthropist Peter Novak-a billionaire who has committed his life and fortune to fostering democracy around the world through his Liberty Foundation-has been kidnapped. The terrorist known as The Caliph is holding Novak in a near-impenetrable fortress and has refused to negotiate for his release, planning instead to brutally execute his hostage in a matter of days...

Running out of time and hope, Novak's people turn to a man with a long history of defeating impossible odds: Paul Janson-a legend in the notorious U.S. covert agency Consular Operations. Janson sets in motion an ingenious rescue operation. But the operation goes horribly wrong and Janson is marked for death, the target of a "beyond salvage" order issued from the highest level of the government. Now Janson is running for his life, pursued by Jessica Kincaid, a young agent of astonishing ability who can anticipate and counter his every move. To survive, Janson must outrace a conspiracy that has gone beyond the control of its originators. To win, he must counter it with a conspiracy of his own...

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